Great Wave of Kanagawa

Great Wave of Kanagawa by Hokusai is an incredible painting, see it below!

Great Wave of Kanagawa

Great Wave of Kanagawa Print by Hokusai

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Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kaganawa was an exceptional work and actually just the first in a whole series of prints produced by this Japanese artist that became known as his Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji. For you interest, we include the full list below.

  1. The Great Wave off Kanagawa
  2. South Wind, Clear Sky (also known as Red Fuji)
  3. Rainstorm Beneath the Summit
  4. Under Mannen Bridge at Fukagawa
  5. Sundai, Edo
  6. The Circular Pine Trees of Aoyama
  7. Senju, Musashi Province
  8. Inume Pass, Kōshū
  9. Fuji View Field in Owari Province
  10. Ejiri in the Suruga Province
  11. A sketch of the Mitsui shop in Suruga in Edo
  12. Sunset across the Ryōgoku bridge from the bank of the Sumida River at Onmayagashi
  13. Sazai hall – Temple of Five Hundred Rakan
  14. Tea house at Koishikawa. The morning after a snowfall
  15. Below Meguro
  16. Watermill at Onden
  17. Enoshima in Sagami Province
  18. Shore of Tago Bay, Ejiri at Tōkaidō
  19. Yoshida at Tōkaidō
  20. The Kazusa Province sea route
  21. Nihonbashi bridge in Edo
  22. Barrier Town on the Sumida River
  23. Bay of Noboto
  24. The lake of Hakone in Sagami Province
  25. Mount Fuji reflects in Lake Kawaguchi, seen from the Misaka Pass in Kai Province
  26. Hodogaya on the Tōkaidō
  27. Tama River in Musashi Province
  28. Asakusa Hongan-ji temple in the Eastern capital [Edo]
  29. Tsukuda Island in Musashi Province
  30. Shichiri beach in Sagami Province
  31. Umegawa in Sagami Province
  32. Kajikazawa in Kai Province
  33. Mishima Pass in Kai Province
  34. Mount Fuji from the mountains of Tōtōmi
  35. Lake Suwa in Shinano Province
  36. Ushibori in Hitachi Province
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